Welcome to our New Website

Greetings NABCCsters! Welcome to our new website. It’s designed to be the premiere resource featuring information on how to join the club, club news, a buy/sell/swap page, and a series of online articles about the hobby, particularly about Brooklins. Share it with your friends, post it on social media and forums, come back often, We’ll have new articles and features on a regular basis.

We’re excited about the new website but it’s not the only thing that’s new. Shortly, we will announce the next club model, the “NABCC 2”;. It will be a beauty with the higher level of detail we see on the NB Center models. We think you’ll love it as much as you do NABCC 1. We will soon be making an announcement regarding a very special way the club will honor those charter members who signed up in 2021. Our plans are to provide a unique collectible keepsake for each year a member stays with the club. Keep an eye out for this one. We think you will like it!

To accomplish the articles part of the website, we need your help. First, we need two editors that can compile the articles, format them and post them to the website. hobbyDB is generously willing to host a blog site for our articles that will link directly to ur new website. If you can help us, we will show you how easy the process is. Secondly, we need contributors. If you can contribute some hobby-related content, we would love to feature your writing. We are also asking you to solicit articles from folks you know, or suggest people we can recruit for either editor or contributor.

We have come up with a club email address – nabrooklincc@gmail.com . Several people will monitor emails, answer questions and communicate in general with our members. The account will be the easiest way to communicate with us.

We are also working on our next event in Allentown. We should have a 2022 date soon. It will most likely be in November again due to The NB Center’s busy schedule in the fall. With how well-received NABCC 1 was, we’re really excited about NABCC 2!

There’s more coming. But for now, please consider how you might help us in these efforts. I have been working with Tom Kinney and Karl Schnelle to get all this ready. Now, we need is for you to enjoy the club activities… and participate in getting the word out. 2022 is going to be a banner year for the NABCC!

Warm regards,
John Kuvakas