Club Model for 2022: NABCC #2

Greetings, NABCC-ers!

It’s time to let you know what our next club model, the NABCC #2, will be…Drum roll, please…a 1954 Packard Caribbean Convertible in Packard Ivory over Bikini Blue with a two-tone interior and a continental kit! It will be even more stunning than our now-legendary ’56 Buick Century convertible. It will once again come with both top up and down features and will include our brand new NABCC Flag. As last year, quantities will be limited and each model will be numbered. Each member will be eligible to buy up to two models. Here are some preproduction pics to show you the colors and flags.

The model will be done to NB Center Collection finish and detail. As such, it is sure to be even more beautiful than last year’s model.

You must be a member of the NABCC to purchase a modelYou can join by filling in the Membership form and using the stripe link (secure online payment).  NABCC membership for one year ($20) –

We want to make NABCC #2 available to as many folks as possible, so we have come up with several ways to pay.

  • 1 Model – $248 (includes domestic shipping to USA)
    • + $10 for shipping to Canada
    • + $35 per model for shipping Europe
    • UK models ship directly from Brooklin
  • 2 Models – $480 (includes domestic shipping to USA)
    • + $20 for shipping to Canada
    • + $70 for shipping to Europe

Optional Payment Plans

  • Pay in full when ordered (preferred)


  • 3 payments of $83 for one model
    • + shipping (for Canada and Europe – US and UK shipping included)
  • 3 payments of $160 for two
    • + shipping (for Canada and Europe – US and UK shipping included)

Payment must be made in full by the time we close orders.

Pay by check or credit card (in US$):

Mail checks, payable to the O Gauge Forum Foundation,  to:

NABCC Treasurer Tom Kinney
341 Breckenridge Drive
Aurora, IL 60504

(Please email us at to let us know you’re ordering or with any questions.)

Or use these secure links to pay by credit card (preferred):

Note: Stripe payment notification will come from the O-Gauge Foundation.

Models should be ready for delivery later this summer subject to Brooklin’s production schedule.

Email us at after you place your order and let us know how you will pay.

Needless to say, we are excited to offer another brand new, never offered before Brooklin. We have more coming your way! Keep an eye on this website, your emails and our FB page and forum ( Note our new email address,

Keep collecting!

John Kuvakas