NABCC #2 Lottery for #1

Hey, Brooklinophiles! We’re all collectors, aren’t we? One of the primary reasons we have the NABCC is for collectors to be able to enjoy the hobby in new and exciting ways. This is why we offered NABCC #1, our amazing Buick Century Convertible in a limited edition and threw in the NABCC Lamppost as a freebie. It was an incredible set and our new members were excited about this limited run of 130 numbered pieces.

We’re doing it again with NABCC #2, a 1954 Packard Caribbean in Packard Ivory over Bikini Blue. This one will come with our brand new NABCC Flag as another great freebie. This model is sure to be as spectacular as our first, perhaps even more so. Orders have been coming in at a brisk pace, mostly from all those who were so satisfied with NABCC #1. The folks at Brooklin are excited as well because they get to work on yet another model never before offered by our favorite model maker.

This is all good… but we want to be better… even the best. Our club leaders are always trying to think of ways to bring more value and more fun to being a member of the NABCC. That’s what the forum and website are about. That’s what Allentown was about (and will be again this year). It’s why we offer flags, lampposts, and articles about models and members and more.

So, in an effort to keep the excitement churning, here’s what we’re going to do for the Month of March. For all orders of NABCC #2 through the end of March, including those already placed, we’re going to put those names into a hat (a virtual hat) and pull out a winner who will receive the #1 model as the model that member ordered (or as one of the two that were ordered). If you’re anything like me, you’re going to love this. There’s something special about the very first of anything. This will be extra special because the total number made will be relatively small. The winner will be announced here and on social media. You can see all the details of placing an order here,

So, if you haven’t ordered yet, get those orders in. But, keep in mind, you have to be a member of the club to order. You can join by using this link,

Keep your eyes peeled, we have more coming!

John Kuvakas