Our UK Ambassador

By Charles Barnett

I have volunteered and been appointed to be the U.K. Ambassador for the club.  NABCC Ambassadors are members of the club,  promote the sale of Club Cars, and participate in the Club Car Selection Committee.

I’ve been collecting 1/43 model vehicles – as a “collector” proper – ever since I stopped playing with them as a youngster, almost 60 years ago,. I started “dealing” in them, exchanging my surplus with those of fellow-collectors, at the first local informal swapmeets, some 50 years ago, and still deal in 1/43 at toy fairs here in the UK.

I’ve been collecting Brooklins ever since they came on the scene in the late 1970s, when I saw the first model, the Canadian Pierce-Arrow BRK 1, in a local collectors’ shop here in Yorkshire, England. I was lucky enough to meet the late John Hall at the Brooklin factory in Bath some few years later, and was impressed by his obvious business acumen, great ideas, the newish ( at that time ! ) factory, and his thoughts and plans for the future.

Fast-forward a year or three, after I’d started dealing in Brookllns as an official stockist / distributor,  and a fellow-enthusiast introduced me to a gentleman called  Mike Marlow, who was setting up the ( British )  Brooklin Collectors’ Club. Mike was needing, among others, an editor for the club newsletter, and I took on the post. We were able to expand this into a full-blown magazine, and I continued running it for several years, an exercise that kept me firmly and deeply involved with all things Brooklin.  ( Of course, since then, several more editors have expanded and improved it no end, and it’s now administered very capably from the Brooklin HQ in Bath, by Martyn Bowell.).  That editorship allowed me to take my first transatlantic trip, which started my love affair with the USA, and introduced me to the American collecting-scene. Over the years since that time, I’ve met a whole host of great l people there and made many good friends among fellow-collectors.

As I review handbuilt models for the British magazine, Diecast Collector, sadly not distributed in the USA, I am fortunate in getting to see the new standard-range releases, and they never fail to impress. So, my interest is as deep as ever!

If you have any questions, please email me at NABrooklinCC@gmail.com.