1952 Cadillac Series 62 4-Door Sedan

By Keko Romero

Editor’s Note:  This is the first installment of Keko’s blog translated into English from the original Spanish for the NABCC.  Keko reviews his different 1/43 purchases on his blog, Facebook, and Forum 43.  If any other members would like to review their own Brooklin purchase, please send in a few words and photos to NABrooklinCC@gmail.com!

During the big 1950’s automobile boom in the United States, where pomposity was rampant, manufacturers introduced small variants every year in their models to differentiate them. The prestigious 1952 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan was one of these and also the model for the golden anniversary of this Detroit firm since the founding of the house in 1902.

One of the sedan’s most visible distinctive features with respect to the ’52 model were the gold emblems. It also featured taillights integrated into the tail and a new chrome line running from the headlights to the middle of the car. In the mechanical area, the brand resorted to the great V8 engine with a 331 cubic inch / 190 hp and a four-barrel Rochester carburetor.

Even back in 2008 when this model was introduced, Brooklin was improving in detail and losing simplicity, thus giving a much more eye-catching appearance to the cars they represent. New additions to this Cadillac include independent windshield wipers, chrome side trim lines, and gold emblems. However, the interior and the door and windshield frames have been left painted in the color of the bodywork. Despite that, it is a good reproduction of the 62 Series Sedan.  This black version was replaced in 2010 for a few years with the grey version and the Series 62 lives on today at Brooklin as a pink Coupe de Ville!