We Have a Winner!

Greetings, NABCCistas!

The winner of the NABCC #2 LE #1 Contest is…

By John Kuvakas

Orders for NABCC #2, a ’54 Packard Caribbean in Packard Ivory over Bikini Blue have been brisk. You still have another month or so to get yours in! Don’t forget, each model will come with our unique NABCC flag and stand. The order bank is scheduled to close on May 31. Keep your email eyes peeled for more news coming in the next few days.

Our March promotion was for all those who ordered prior to March 31 to be eligible for their model to be #1 of this Limited Edition series. It took us awhile to come up with a way to make a random choice. With Karl Schnelle’s help we were able. Karl says, “To select the winner, a random number macro was written in MS Excel and all the names who ordered NABCC #2 through Mar 31 were entered; thus, the winner was determined.”

So, now for the big moment! The Winner is…   John Merritt

Congratulations, John! The model you receive will be #1 in the series. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, we have some exciting plans for May including an online meeting for all our club members! We’ll have more details in a few days!