Pontiac Bonneville Enhanced

For  a long time now,  I have had in mind to repaint the BRK25 1958 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible, I like this model a lot, and I thought it would be fun to do it with rewarding results. Therefore, I bought a couple of cheap BRK25 on eBay in the original black color.

Disassembling them was not so easy, since most parts were heavily glued together, but a long swim in warm water made the work a little simpler. Then the painted parts were soaked in a solvent to remove the original color, which came off easily. On the other hand, as happens a lot with old models, the primer was hard to remove so I had to use a wire brush and a drill.

The color I chose was blue, and I wanted to make them both a two-tone combination, light blue/dark blue, and then with inverted colors. Masking was quite challenging, but I think the final result is very good.

This model has a few chrome parts already, but I had to scrape several points to bring out more chrome, like the side flash, the two arrows on the bonnet, and front and rear script. I also added side mirrors, separate door handles and an aerial.  The interior has a two color scheme matching the exterior. The steering wheel is white with silver insert.

Finally, I wanted to give a background to the models, and so I made a couple of little dioramas. Very simple and easy to realize: I selected two photos I made when I was living in USA, country views of North Carolina, printed in the right size and glued to a piece of cardboard. Then I painted another piece of cardboard grey and used colored tape to make the road lines. The two pieces were fixed in place with little nails. I hope you like them!

Gianluigi Cappi