Two Early Canadian Brooklins

By David Green

I still have two Canadian Brooklin Models from 1977.  First is the No. 6: the 1932 Packard Light 8. This one was the first model developed by Julian Stewart for John Hall in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada.  Julian’s initials, JS, and the date, 77, are on the front of the base. Julian worked with John Hall until John left for England in 1979 to restart Brooklin Models in Bath.

Julian Stewart then started Durham Models in Oshawa, Ontario in 1980.  Seeing John create his Brooklin models inspired Julian, and he told John he would like to give it a try. So he bought some tools and carved a very hard block of Canadian maple into the Brooklin 1932 Packard Light 8. Collectors will note that the JS 77 initials cast into the baseplate were removed on later English editions.

These came in silver boxes. I need to find the Packard box as I have had this model in my display case for years.

Second is the No. 7, the 1934 Chrysler Airflow. This was also designed by Julian Stewart.  Following the issue of the 1932 Packard Light 8. Julian produced the master of the 1934 Chrysler 4 door Airflow. The year was 1979 and the Canadian government were not too friendly toward small business. So, John decided to pack up his toys and to return to England where the Thatcher government were much more encouraging to entrepreneurs.

I found my box for this one, and it is fairly worn.


Julian Stewart used this Airflow to create his first Durham Classic model made initially in a batch of 10 (Sold at the CTCS Show in 1980 for $55 each).  It was the Chrysler Airflow 2 door. I bought one but later sold it.  HobbyDB shows many variants of this 2 door.

In the 1980s, I kept up buying Brooklin Models produced in Bath, England.  For comparison with the Canadian version, here is a dark blue English production No. 7 1934 Chrysler 4 door Airflow.

This would appear to be the same casting as the Canadian edition with an updated base plate.